In Energy

Led by Petronor (Repsol Group), an alliance is formed between various Basque companies, together with some institutions and public entities, as well as the presence of technology centers and research.
The objective pursued is the creation of a new technology park in Abanto (mining area on the left bank of the Nervion), for the generation of hydrogen. This megaproject has planned an investment of 1,800 million euros up to 2026, with the creation of some 8,000 direct and indirect jobs. The technology for the production of Hydrogen will be through the well-known electrolytic processes of water, for which the installation of electrolyzers with an estimated power of 112MW is planned.

Petronor will develop with said Hydrogen, a plant for the manufacture of synthetic fuels for multiple applications respectful with the environment.

The project will be completed by a plant for obtaining Green Biogas by treating MSW. (02-24-2021).