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Since 2008, innomarket collaborates with companies to increase their competitiveness, through proposals for innovative and disruptive strategies and plans, aimed at boosting current business or generating new businesses, based on advanced and emerging technologies.


Digital Transformation

Bases of innomarket

Objectives of Intelligent
Digital Transformation – IDT

Some tools for the Company
of the Future

Bases of innomarket Collaboration

Innomarket‘s collaboration with the company aims to achieve an Intelligent Digital Transformation – IDT, to increase its competitiveness and leadership in the market.
The Intelligent Digital Transformation – IDT with innomarket, in addition to organizing the Strategies and Plans of the Process-Product-Market established for the short and medium term, we can also identify, through the implementation of advanced tools and technologies, Early Alerts on Business Opportunities.

Objectives of Intelligent Digital Transformation – IDT

It is a disruptive process and not simply the product of a continuous improvement process. The proposed Objectives are related to the following topics:

· Cost Reduction
· Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company
· Agile incorporation of innovations in the Process-Product-Service context
· Bring more value to the customer and not just sell the product also through the Servitización (new Source of Revenue Associated with the Product)
· Take advantage of TDI tools to increase the Competitiveness of the Company

Some tools for the Company of the Future

· Strategy of the TDI Process for its implementation in the company in the short and medium term. Study and Selection of the priority TDI tools to be incorporated in the company. Digital Transformation Platform. Competitive Intelligence applications
· Robotic process automation. RFID Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data. Management Systems: BPM, API.

Flexibility, Agility and Resilience


Bases Business Strategy
proposed by innomarket

Strategic Decision Making
Optimized for Innovative
Initiatives and New Businesses

New Advanced Business
Models – DBM (Digital Business

Bases Business Strategy proposed by innomarket

Businesses thrive in an uncertain environment, subjected to internal and external factors of various kinds.
These scenarios require the availability of an appropriate strategy to achieve their goals and become more competitive in their market sectors.
To do this, innomarket has development a methodology which allows companies to have a Business Strategy with special features of Flexibility, Agility and Resilience.

Strategic Decision Making Optimized for Innovative Initiatives and New Businesses

Companies can increase their efficiency and competitiveness through the application of New Tools of Strategic Planning and Management for both Innovative Initiatives and New Business.
In this context, innomarket has its own model for Decision Making Streamlined manner that develops in 4 phases, providing the company with a later Business Management or Innovative New Initiatives successfully.
innomarket also participate in the implementation, development and monitoring of elaborate plans.

New Advanced Business Models – DBM (Digital Business Models)

Analyzing the characteristics of the Digital Transformation process that companies are incorporating, this digital framework requires adapting the activities of the company through the Design of a Digital Business Model or DBM.
The DBM models differ by preferably meet the business-to-customers-markets, compared to other more traditional models oriented perspective of the manufacturer-supplier of the product.
DBM-type business models have been developed within the framework of the Digital Transformation Plan of companies.
The implementation strategy of the DBM models focuses on customers, as the fundamental nucleus to enhance the present and future competitiveness of the company.

Flexibility, Agility and Resilience


Competitive Growth
Plan Business

New Business Opportunities:
Proposals – Studies – Analysis –

New Source of Income from Services:

Diversification Plans: Markets –
Products – Processes

Competitive Growth Plan Business

The competitiveness of the company is the key factor for its development and growth.
Some fundamentals of competitive growth of the company, are related to the adoption of policies and strategies that promote adequate adaptation to the joints of the market, taking advantage of opportunities identified and analyzed.
Since innomarket approach the Analysis and Proposed Strategies and Plans for increased Competitiveness, based on the nature of the business, its processes and products and meet the needs of markets and customers.

New Business Opportunities: Proposals – Studies – Analysis – Developments

A high percentage of New Business Opportunities may be the consequence of Organic Initiatives, such as Intrapreneurship or also as Inorganic Initiatives of Sources or External Origin.
In innomarket we make the Identification, Selection and Analysis of New Business Opportunities for the company or investment group, based on own proposals, from the customer or external, incorporating the Strategies and Plans that allow their Realization and Development.

New Source of Income from Services: Servitization

Providing customers, in addition to goods and products, Services Associated with said Products, are a New Opportunity for the Future as a Source of Income.
The next stage for many industrial companies, is listed as a Service + Product Provider.
innomarket collaborates in the design, implementation and monitoring of systems and deployment of appropriate plans for each company. For this, we have a set of more than 15 instruments currently identified and applied for SERVITIZATION processes in the industry.

Diversification Plans: Markets – Products – Processes

At innomarket we develop analyzes and studies to identify new markets, evaluate the adequacy of existing products to the new needs of customers, as well as incorporate new and advanced processes, aimed at improving the Company’s competitiveness.
Likewise and related to the aforementioned, at innomarket we carry out studies of the changes and future perspectives on the needs of the Market-Clients-Services set. This activity can be completed with the proposal of a Digital Marketing Plan.

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