International Business
The innomarket services are aimed at facilitate relationships between companies in the context of the B2B business.
As part of the International Business area, we highlight the International Trade with specific activities, such as:
Import Business Request:

Search-Request of Suppliers for the manufacture and supply of products, equipment, components and industrial systems, on request.

Export Business Offer:

Search Customers in International Markets for the sale and delivery on request of products, equipment, components and industrial systems.

For this we have among other assets, database and relationships with companies in more than 15 industrial Sectors such as: Energy, Automotive, Rail, Aeronautics, Marine, Construction, Machinery, Capital Goods, Electronics, Chemicals, Environment, among others.

In the case of components and subassemblies, we may request or provide various industrial materials: metallic alloys, ceramics, plastics, composites, powder metallurgy etc. And using different manufacturing processes: forging, casting, injection, stamping, surface treatment, welding and machining, among others, to the demand or supply of components, subassemblies or fully finished systems.

We can also handle requests or offers of products or services related to micro and nanotechnologies based components, including additive manufacturing and 3D printing and other advanced technologies.